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אקסלרטור של אור

Israel and the jewish people are facing a crucial moment in history.

Thousands of families have lost their sons 

300,000 soldiers are coming back from war.

We are a nation in trauma, with not enough therapists to help!

 the only way out is the way in. Each one of us is a healer
when we operate from our heart

We have received a wake up call to heal the world by healing us

to find the light inside us and to relive the values that created this country

the answer starts from uniting together, to rebuild our home.


To be a free people in our land While trying to protect our country ,

the world has turned agains us We feel insecure, anxious and hopeless.

we are waiting for a solution and the solution is inside us 

the only thing we have is us. united inside and out.

We ask ourselves why this happened to, us how this could happened  

while the right question is:  what is the lesson we must learn to thrive
what were our strengths and values that built this country

We believe that the medicine lies in deep sense of purpose and unity

that will rebuild the turst and solidatiry 

We believe that real change comes from with in us 




3% can change the soty of the world


hope , purpose, security.


The anser in inside us 
together we can rise 

the  only way out is a sense of purpose,



what for


 turn israel into a traumahas shown us our vulnerability 


will create an effect that if we dont heal will become a new  post traumatic event 

creating a generation of wounded people that will pass this traumas to the next generation 

whule trying to defend what is ours, our peace, land and families,  We are inmense in a terrible propaganda agaist us

Not enoght healers

interanal conflict....

we have lost our core values.... what is sionism???

and what now?


We need to use this trauma, this oportunity to create the new sionsim


We are collective transforamation movment that empowers each individual to tak  responsibility and inspire a change from within




Enabling each person to find the answer inside and bring it to light 


A movement of people willing to be the solution  and inspire the change  

Daily light sessions changing perspective and consciousness to the heart values
movement gatherings around the fire - back to basics 
inspirational teachings and 
the most successful and admired spiritual teacher of the world to elevate together the frequency of








Doron Libshtein

“As one tribe, we will heal the wounds of war and with blessings we will create space for our pain and suffering and transform it into light. As a channel of new consciousness, Light Accelerator will allow all of our healing energies to expand and become a harmonic vibration of infinite possibilities”


Sagit Goldman Atlas 

“The art of the heart: By meditating together we are taking both personal and collective responsibility to become  ambassadors of the change we want to see in the world. Israel is a reflection of a global issue that humanity is facing and we must respond to it together,”

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-15 at 13.25_edited.jpg

Ariel Zylbersztejn

“The darkness humanity is facing is a call for change. We must raise our frequency, stop the blame and unite as a collective consciousness,”


בסוף מה שאנחנו רואים, מה שקיים בחיים של כל אחד מאיתנו זה שיקוף של הבפנים
במדיטציה זה דרך פנימה, זה מקום בו כל אחד יכול להתחבר למסע שלו, לסופר פאוור שלו
וזה מה שאנחנו מנסים לעשות,
דרך מדיטציות לעזור לכל מי שרוצה להתחבר לעצמו לקבל קצת תקווה שלום הרמוניה ומשמעות ומשם להתחיל מסע חדש

אבל זה לא משהו שאנחנו יכולים לעשות כל אחד בנפרד
הגיע  הזמן להגיע ביחד להסכמה שרק כולנו ביחד, עם זה שכל אחד לוקח אחריות על החיים שלו גם לוקח אחריות על המדינה שלנו, הקהילות שלנו על המדינה שלנו והעולם שלנו.

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