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Light Accelerator
A journey of consciousness

מסע תודעתי 



ובפייסבוק ויוטיוב של האקסלרטור

You are invited to rise from the darkness to love

Raise the frequency to hope together

Create purpose and a new reality of peace

22 guide, 22 days, 22 meditations.

Starting 1.1.24 daily at 7:00 and 21:00


Israel is a source of light and a vortex of change for the planet

We will create a sacred container of light emerging from the womb of mother earth. We will be filled with meaning and hope for peace, with a collective vision for change and transformation. We will create a new reality using the language of the heart.


From Israel to the world with love.

Healing Collective Trauma

As one tribe, we will heal the wounds of war, and with blessings we will create space for our pain and suffering and transform it into light. As a channel of new consciousness, we will allow all of our healing energies to expand and become a harmonic vibration of infinite possibilities.


From darkness to light.

Together is the new way to raise the frequency

We are all one. It can only happen together.

We will raise the frequency with all of our focus and power to stop the fighting, bring back the hostages and achieve peaceful understanding for our sake and for our children’s future. In a symphony of pain, compassion, fear, faith, harmony and love we stand together.


From separation to unity.

Accelerate your Light with Israel's best spiritual teachers who united to raise the frequency and inspire unity 

Each of them believes in a new narrative of compassion and transformation and for the healingLike lights of hope who inspire change in dark and difficult times, each one will offer a personal message and special meditation.

Let's create a light accelerator

To join and participate in 22 days of live meditations, please provide your details below.

Starting 1.1.24 daily at 7:00 and 21:00

To join the Facebook group from where the daily live will be broadcast
To join the WhatsApp group for a reminder of the daily live


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