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Light Accelerator

Increase your light, feel the unity, be a part the
world's transformation to to the heart

What will we get together

Clarity of who you are now to connect to light and meaning so we can Shine now


healing and resilience


and inner peace


and optimism  


 Open heart
and essence


Magic transformation


In this challenging time we feel alone, overwhelmed, confused, disconnected, hurt and abandoned.
Anxiety and stress are felt in the body, the future is unclear. 
It is not clear what I have to contribute, what is my essence | 
What does it mean |  Why am I here? What is my super power 
And how can we grow from the situation to a prosperous revival? 
The need for unity, support and change is painfully acute. 

In light of the difficult feelings that the situation brings up, you ask how I can connect - and that is exactly what we will help you do 

What does it mean to be a light accelerator?

Your light is more important than ever
You are part of the change, it's time to wake up

We discovered that connecting to meaning and inner light is a learned ability and not something innateWe also felt cut off from ourselves, we didn't understand how we could contribute and we were paralyzed by pain and fear
And what is the meaning of what we came here at this time to do.


Circle together light accelerator activation. 
Group activation in light of internal and external unity and relationships of peace and harmony.

The impact of unity - the language of the heart - tribe
What we learn and experience as easy and natural is simply remembered in our nature. 


The light acceleration game has begun 

We were born or arrived in Israel - everyone is where they are supposed to be because the game of light has begun - to bring light now in full force. Israel is a microcosm of what is happening in humanity. What is happening here - is happening all over the world - the same war of ego and power. A world we are not ready to live in.
Israel is the interface where everything comes together All energies, all spiritual lines are concentrated in Israel.
And whoever here has been given a role, it is difficult to bring light into it so that a transformation-change will happen in a way that no one can imagine yet. 

If we want to reach a new place where humanity will take the step that has been offered to it and create a new way of being in God, we must be from the heart. must We can't keep doing what we've been doing, the solution won't come from the problem.

The art of the language of the heart - the space of the heart allows a space of possibilities of  What can and tries to happen happens
There is  Something that is trying to reach Israel, 
This is a new way of being human
It is clear that the conflict is huge and the solutions do not appear
Because the only way we will find a solution is that together consciously as a collective we will create a space that allows the energy of the expanding universe to come in and these forces of creation can come through us and come true
Through the togetherness inward our knowledge is revealed where we are inspired and the solutions will be seen and discovered.  
Guided by energetic forces of the universe - forces that we allow to pass through us when we are in the space of our heart. 


The Guides


Foster Unity 

As one tribe, we will heal the wounds of war, and with blessings we will create space for our pain and suffering and transform it into light. As a channel of new consciousness, we will allow all of our healing energies to expand and become a harmonic vibration of infinite possibilities.


From darkness to light.

I want to thank the entire Or Accelerator team. I don't know how it is for others, but for me it certainly accelerated the light. First of all, belonging to this broad initiative gave me a sense of belonging, meaning, action, hope and belief that if we do good then it will be good. Secondly, I really connected to some of the meditations and I make sure to do at least one of them once a day and sometimes more than once, and it is a significant anchor for me, when I wake up in the morning and before going to bed, to wake up well for a new day and fall asleep well for a restful sleep.
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