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Desert Landscape

Israel is in Trauma
Shortage of therapists and strategies compounds the crisis.


Thousands of families have endured the loss of loved ones and homes.

621,500 soldiers are set to return from war, necessitating immediate mental health support.


Doron Liebstein

"As one tribe, we will heal the wounds of war and with blessings we will create space for our pain and suffering and transform it into light. As a channel of new consciousness, Light Accelerator will allow all of our healing energies to expand and become a harmonic vibration of infinite possibilities"


Sagit Goldman Atlas 

"The art of the heart: By meditating together we are taking both personal and collective responsibility to become  ambassadors of the change we want to see in the world. Israel is a reflection of a global issue that humanity is facing and we must respond to it together."

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Ariel Zylbersztejn

"The darkness humanity is facing is a call for change. We must raise our frequency, stop the blame and unite as a collective consciousness,"

I want to thank the entire Or Accelerator team. I don't know how it is for others, but for me it certainly accelerated the light. First of all, belonging to this broad initiative gave me a sense of belonging, meaning, action, hope and belief that if we do good then it will be good. Secondly, I really connected to some of the meditations and I make sure to do at least one of them once a day and sometimes more than once, and it is a significant anchor for me, when I wake up in the morning and before going to bed, to wake up well for a new day and fall asleep well for a restful sleep.


In the end what we see, what exists in the life of each of us is a reflection of the inside
In meditation it is a way inside, it is a place where everyone can connect to their journey, to their super power
And that's what we're trying to do,
Through meditations to help anyone who wants to connect with themselves to get some hope, peace, harmony and meaning and from there start a new journey

But it's not something we can do individually
arrived  Time to come to an agreement together that we are all together, with the fact that everyone takes responsibility for their own lives and also takes responsibility for our country, our communities for our country and our world.

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