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Accelerator of light

Make Israel an accelerator of light, together heal trauma, raise frequency, calibrate consciousness
produce meaning  Hope and security and unity
In a symphony of tenderness, gratitude, sadness, and hope, vision, pain, faith, love, sorrow, meaning, compassion. A frequency full of majesty of life.
When everything falls apart and the heart is exposed, stories of heroism happen. Infinite generosity is revealed.

The accelerator is a sacred receptacle for an energetic scale - for a tremendous light accelerator for healing trauma in Israel and the world
A work of art, a common language of the heart that connects everyone's creative personal expression to a common vision of hope, belonging, confidence and inspiration. A movement of people who transcend together from their inner strength and power

People of heart who bring their medicinal potion, to one voice that resonates powerfully.
Together with thousands of people who meditate and vibrate and raise their frequency
A whole that exceeds the sum of its parts. A pillar of hope and unity. 



We were born or arrived in Israel - everyone is where they are supposed to be. The game of light has begun - bring light now in full force.
Israel is a microcosm, an essence of what is happening in humanity. What is happening here - is happening all over the world - the same war of ego and power. A world we are not ready to live in.
Israel is the interface where everything comes together All energies, all spiritual lines are concentrated in Israel.
And whoever here has been given a difficult role, to bring light into it so that a transformation-change will happen in a way that no one can imagine yet. 

If we want to reach a new place where humanity will take the step offered to it and create a new way of being on earth we must be from the heart.
We cannot continue doing what we have been doing, the solution will not come from the consciousness in which we lived.

The art of the language of the heart - the space of the heart allows a space of possibilities of  What can and tries to happen happens
There is  Something that is trying to reach Israel is a new way of being human
It is clear that the conflict is huge and it is clear that the solutions do not appear as long as we are divided within and without
The only way to a solution is that together consciously as a collective we will create a space that allows the energy of the expanding universe for the forces of creation to reach our way and be fulfilled
Through together our knowledge is revealed where we are inspired and the solutions will be seen and discovered.  
Guided by energetic forces of the universe - forces that we allow to pass through us when we are in the space of our heart. 

It is a collaborative, conceptual piece of heart art that manifests as a virtual physical product
which connects everyone's creative personal expression to a common vision that brings hope of belonging and security and inspiration.
that brings a group of people to feel transcendence from their inner strength and power 
In order to build relationship-based healing together. 
A time of feminine and harmonious energy. Mother Earth is inclusive and loving. soil and roots to grow new cows from



Doron Liebstein

"As one tribe, we will heal the wounds of war and with blessings we will create space for our pain and suffering and transform it into light. As a channel of new consciousness, Light Accelerator will allow all of our healing energies to expand and become a harmonic vibration of infinite possibilities"


Sagit Goldman Atlas 

"The art of the heart: By meditating together we are taking both personal and collective responsibility to become  ambassadors of the change we want to see in the world. Israel is a reflection of a global issue that humanity is facing and we must respond to it together."

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-15 at 13.25_edited.jpg

Ariel Zylbersztejn

"The darkness humanity is facing is a call for change. We must raise our frequency, stop the blame and unite as a collective consciousness,"


In the end what we see, what exists in the life of each of us is a reflection of the inside
In meditation it is a way inside, it is a place where everyone can connect to their journey, to their super power
And that's what we're trying to do,
Through meditations to help anyone who wants to connect with themselves to get some hope, peace, harmony and meaning and from there start a new journey

But it's not something we can do individually
arrived  Time to come to an agreement together that we are all together, with the fact that everyone takes responsibility for their own lives and also takes responsibility for our country, our communities for our country and our world.

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